Sneaking into Simon Sinek’s Keynote (Shh …)

I have a tendency to invite myself to things. And, apparently, no shame. I’ll admit to having FOMO—or fear of missing out. If something seems interesting or fun, I might jokingly say, "Ooh, can I come?" and see how the person I'm imposing on reacts. If they seem genuinely receptive, I'm in. Last weekend, my... Continue Reading →

BOOK VOMIT | “What Are You Working On, There?”

I often feel guilty talking about writing. Or rather, AFTER I've just word-vomited all over someone. Some unsuspecting person will see me making notations in my paper draft, or see me typing away at my computer and ask, "What are you working on?" "... um ... just this book. I've written." My mind knows what... Continue Reading →

Create New Beginnings

I have completely fallen out of love with my book. Okay, “completely” is a bit harsh. But it’s safe to say I am sick of looking at it, (lol). (*For those of you who don’t know, I wrote a thriller and am in the process of editing it.) I hit a point where, in order... Continue Reading →


T I M E • is a funny thing. When you're waiting for news, time goes slow. When you're on vacation, time speeds up. But how do you measure the time it takes to learn? Or grow? This photo was taken 4 YEARS ago today... Got me curious what I was working on that day.... Continue Reading →

When Your Hobby Becomes Your Hustle

I haven’t written a blog post in eight weeks, partly because I’m in another situation I’m told I shouldn’t publicize until I’m past it. (No, I’m not preg. Sorry.) That’s awfully cryptic, but I plan to share about my adventure in Fayettenam soon! The other reason I haven’t been blogging is I’ve been trying to edit... Continue Reading →

Coming Up For Air

Twenty sixteen was a doozy. I’m talking the kind of year you dig your nails into and just hang on. Little did I know, it was a dress rehearsal for 2017.  Now, before I write some sob sesh about how awful 2017 was, I should highlight some awesome things that took place : 1. I finished... Continue Reading →

Smiling Through The Tears

Today had all the ingredients to be a fantastic day. The sun was shining. I didn't barf (unlike the previous two days, thanks to a stomach bug.) And I spent the day on set shooting a commercial for Target. It was the type of day I dream of. And yet... I drove home with a... Continue Reading →

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